Summary: Social media- The new hybrid element of the promotion mix

The social media is one of the dominant elements that is changing the consumer world. The articles argue about the role of social media and the use of the internet for creating a hybrid for a promotional mix. People are using different internet platforms for making their purchases and exchanging information about services as well as goods. These exchanges didn’t limit to the transfer of virtual commodities or services but also in real products and services this tactic is working effectively. The authors of this articles explain the phenomena that social media were connecting the buyers and suppliers without having a middleman. It is creating the positive impact on purchases. The gap between the buyers and the producers are reducing to its maximum level. The consumer behavior is reshaped as the internet access is one of the crucial factors that is determining the future of commodities. The feedback of users, giving stars on their public pages and quoted directly with manufacturer all are favoring the consumers as they have authority to access the good with no time.  This feature allowed the consumers and customers to communicate with thousands of users with no time. This feature is beneficial in promoting the product but also damage the reputation when any mishap occurs. Tools and strategies for communicating with consumers have changed since the emergence of consumer-generated media.

Internet media has turned into a central point in affecting purchaser conduct. While, these days, new correspondence mediums, for example, internet-based social networking, for example, sites and internet journals are promptly accessible. In another word, directors and their supporters have less control over substance and consistency of data distribution about their organizations. As per authors, almost 60% Americans used internet for their online shopping. It could be expected that an ever-increasing number of clients are utilizing interpersonal organization to enable them to assemble data about an item before settling on a choice. Customer share and communicate with different buyers who share comparative intrigue and incentive on social stages, for example, “Fan Pages.” In this manner, organizations and management should make such mediums to increase different data from those groups with the goal that they may give better management (Mangold& Faulds, 2009).



Mangold, W.G & Faulds, D. J.(2009), “Social media: the new hybrid element of the promotion mix”, Journal of Business Horizon, Vol 52, pp.357-365