Persuasive Essay on Cigarette Smoking

1. Introduction

Nowadays, many individuals are smoking every time, and for that, they get various adverse effects on their lives. Contrary to this, several sound effects are also delivered by smoking to the society and express. This study will explain advantages and disadvantages of smoking along with opinion on all these points. Two main problems can be found. The first dilemma that is required to be discussed is that different diseases are caused due to cigarette smoking, including asthma, maternity ailments, heart- attacks, and others (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012). The second dilemma is effect of smoking on non-smokers which is also gaining importance in present time.   

2. Effects of Cigarette Smoking

Smoking is similar to a slow movement towards death. There are many examples of negative impacts of smoking. Smoking results in asthma, heart diseases, lung cancer, strokes, and various other ailments. A smoker experiences more colds and coughs as compared to those who don’t smoke. Although smoking affects the life of a smoker, that’s not all- it also affect adversely those who are staying with the cigarette smokers, and this is referred as a second hand or passive smoking (Naqvi, Rudrauf, Damasio and Bechara, 2007). If a pregnant woman is staying close to smoke of the cigarette, then there are more chances of giving birth to an abnormal child. Have you ever thought that why millions of people love to smoke a cigarette? What is inside it? Well, around 4000 different toxic chemicals are present in a cigarette. Some of the substances are: Methanol and Hydrazine (both present in the rocket fuel), Benzene (present in the rubber cement), Carbon Monoxide (present in the car fumes), Arsenic (used in the rat poisons), Ammonia (present in many household cleaners), Butane (present in the fluid of lighter), and Acetic acid (present in developer of hair dye) (Naqvi, Rudrauf, Damasio and Bechara, 2007).

To handle the coronary attack in the hospital, many smokers are taking therapy every day. As recognized commonly, this situation is not particular only for those who are smoking, but also for those who are living close to smokers (Naldi et al., 2005). Another condition is that most of the people who smoke are human inefficient, as they spend a lot of money they earn on smoking only. In Belgium, smokers save money every day to get the smoke from it. While taking it as an example that life of individuals who smoke it at risk, it is evident that many troubles are resulted due to smoking. However, there are still some individuals who think that there are many advantages of the cigarette as well. 

The primary reward is that they are supporting the government to earn fees. Large cash is collected by the government when many individuals buy cigarette to smoke. For example, in Indonesia, from the cigarette tax, their state is getting billions of cash every year. While keeping in mind such cases, it’s beyond any doubt that from smoke, the management is earning a handsome income (Naldi et al., 2005). 

Cigarette companies are hiring a lot of individuals to work for them. For example, in Malaysia, around thousands of individuals are working in the tobacco company and this is too much labor (Naqvi, Rudrauf, Damasio & Bechara, 2007).  So, they are getting a good wage from these firms to live happily. Furthermore, from the cigarette, the businessmen can get plenty of income if his smoke product is exported internationally. These points show that cigarette smoke is beneficial for people. However, my viewpoint is that the risks associated with smoking are far more than these pros of smoking.    

The reason behind smoking of teenagers is they want to remain fit forever. When teens look at their friends having cigarette smoking, they feel that this makes them independent and look cool. It seems they have no worries and tensions. The reason behind the addiction of smoking is Nicotine, which is a hazardous chemical present in cigarettes. This chemical helps in tension reduction, and it is also considered that it provides a calming effect to individuals who are worried and anxious (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2006). Although individuals usually smoke when they feel bored, lonely, and depressed- as it aids them in stress reduction. Another main reason behind smoking is related to mental or psychological disturbance, which appears to be a crucial factor for individuals to get addicted to it. It can be seen in many cases, in which the young ones start tobacco smoking due to their high blood pressure. Also, most of the individuals began smoking as any of their close friend or a family member smokes.

2.0. Second-Hand Smoke

All those diseases that a smoker can have- a non-smoker who is just inhaling the smoke is also in danger of facing these diseases. A bad example is portrayed by individuals who smoke at a public place as children can easily get influenced when they are growing. They copy the individuals around them as they are not mature enough to differentiate what is wrong and what is right. That’s why they perceive the things are happening around them as being correct. Along with this, when teenagers see that many individuals are smoking at a public place, they regard it as an example model and start doing the same thing (Barnoya and Glantz, 2005). There is a very famous saying that “monkey see monkey do,” which means that individuals copy the actions of other individuals whom they see in routine lives. Thinking started to develop in teenagers that they look “cool” while smoking. This belief of “coolness by smoking” gets more strength when they see other individuals smoking on the road. According to some teenagers, smoking shows the shifts of teen to maturity. Therefore, many teenagers start cigarette smoking as they get influenced when they see other individuals smoking in public places (Valdes et al., 2005). 

Banning the cigarette smoking at the public place will protect the lives of public as well as that of smokers. According to some studies, infections, SIDS-sudden infant death syndrome and asthma is resulted due to secondhand smoke. Along with this, lung cancer and heart diseases occur in smoker and non-smoker adults. As per the report of Center for Disease Control, 250 toxic chemicals are present in second-hand smoke, out of which more than 50 are cancer causing (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012). All these researches indicate that cancer is caused due to secondhand smoke which is not suitable for both non-smoker and smokers’ health. This shows that just staying close to the cigarette smokers; many people are going close to death that is due to secondhand smoke. The right of the non-smoker to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle is violated due to this because just sitting at the public place where some individuals are smoking- these innocent people are confronted to inhale toxic fumes (Yarlioglues et al., 2010).. 

Banning the smoking at public places will help in promoting a lifestyle which is healthy for everyone. It will be taken as an endorsement of government for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The reason is, if the government bans smoking at public places, then it conveys a message that the health and life of citizens are vital for government and that the individuals who smoke are discouraged by the government (Poulianiti et al., 2016). Therefore, when there is a ban on smoking in public places, then it reminds individuals that healthy lifestyle is more necessary. Ever individual is then reminded that there are serious concerns of government for the citizen’s wellbeing. So, individuals would also follow the lifestyle which keeps them healthy. Resultantly, the lives of non-smokers at public places are at risk of dangerous diseases which is against their will as well. 

3. Conclusion

The habit of smoking is something challenging to quit. Many individuals spent months in preparation to make efforts to stop smoking. Mostly the reason behind smoking in teenagers is stress and depression, but it must be in their knowledge that smoking is killing them from inside. There are many ways other than smoking to solve your problems. Smoking is just madness, and it results in cancer. So teenagers should not think about it.

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