Explore the uneven distribution of power and its consequence in one of the texts you have studied on this course.

Many post-colonial novels discuss the phenomenon of multiculturalism, emigration, migration and cultural immerse. Nevertheless, this case study of White Teeth presents a fictional aspect of the discrimination and unevenness of power between the people of the same society. In this case study, religiously, ethnically and culturally diverse cultures are portrayed. This study, moreover, talks about the existence of discrimination and unequal power distribution in London. Likewise, Irie Jones who belongs to the black community having to obsess look and curly hairs and she likes Millet who hails from the white people. Although Irie likes Millet wholeheartedly he leaves no chance away to criticize her and teases her extensively. In addition to it, the gender discrimination is also the important part of this case study because in the Class Irie was teased while quoting shake spear’s sonnet and moreover, with the man lies all powers while women is deprived of even laughing and making plans for something like the man. Thus in this essay, the factors that caused this uneven society to be built, the survival of oppressed woman , and how this has led towards homosexuality in the United Kingdom (Smith, 1999).

British has been familiarly known as economic and political hegemonic state with most of the world countries as its colonies. Britain is the only country that has colonized the countries than any other country in the world. In this study, there exists multiculturalism and diverse people interact with each other in a class. Irie Jones belongs to the Jamaican family and she emigrated from Africa. Britain after the seventeenth century had to develop its industrial strength and for this reason, it required labor force on cheaper rates. This paved the way for the Asian and African countries to migrate to the United Kingdom. However, people from different countries migrated and immersed with each other. Naturally, the clash of cultural identity and concept of black and white emerged. Millet belongs to the white Family while Irie hailed from African Family. This diversity among the people led Britain to experience cultural, religious and ethnic diversity in the Country.

Similarly, racial discrimination also exists in the existing structure of Britain. Irie was not even asked whether her hair was washed or not before they could be made straight and this attitude of the hairdresser led the hair loss of Irie. However, when other white women when to the hairdresser, she was given due regards and respects and was asked to dry the hair first. This shows the racial discrimination and which proves to be the unequal power of speaking and opportunities between white and the black people. Moreover, this racial discrimination was also experienced by Irie Jones when the sonnet of Shakespeare was quoted in the class and every one depicted the sonnet as the black women, but it was actually about the black curly hair of the white woman. In addition to it, many religious minorities like Muslims and others were also under this discrimination and this led the United Kingdom towards the brink of racial discrimination and the unevenness of power distribution in the British society.

Moreover, Britain owns the long history of exploitation of the colonized regions. Britain in the Asia, Africa and in America has been seen as the exploiter of resources in the world. Britain due to its exploitative policy in Africa and in Asia had very low sympathies by the people of colonized regions. It is because that after the seventeenth century and post colonialism in 1960, many Asian and African migrated to the United Kingdom for the purpose of better labor opportunities and the people migrated in the Britain had a narrative of oppressed Britain and they always remain same. Similarly, the people migrated in the United Kingdom, started living there and intermingled. Many left their culture and adopted the culture of the United Kingdom. But many African and Asian still retained their cultural values. As in the case study, Irie’s father was British and her mother was Jamaican but due to appear as an African, they were still treated as the African even though she was born in the United Kingdom. This had led to the exploitation at many forums with the nonwhite and Non-British people. People of the black community and religious minorities had very little say in anything of the daily routine.

However, this unevenness of power had created many repercussions in the United Kingdom and in the London city. This affected many minority people in the UK.Women are more affected due to this uneven treatment socially, politically and the economically. For example, in the case study, women of black skin is treated differently such as Irie was treated differently due to her blonde, and curly hair and big tits, unlike Neena and Alsana. This has led towards several consequences.

Firstly, there has been increased ethnicity in the United Kingdom. The increase in the ethnicity has led towards the many crimes and fabricated social structure of the United Kingdom. People who were discriminated had nothing but to create mayhem in the UK. Therefore, there existed a high level of street crime in the UK. This case study more explores that the ethnicity does not only relates to the ethnic belonging but also to the religious minorities as well. For example, when one of the Millet’s friend was joining the Eternal and Victorious Islamic Nation (EVIN), he asked him not to join it and immersed with the severe arguments with him. This means that the uneven power distribution had led the youth towards extremism that is a great loss of Britain as a nation.

Secondly, the core consequences that has been mentioned in this case study is the gender inequality and gender discrimination. Because the uneven power is related in this study about the women segregation in the United Kingdom. When the women are not given proper attention and given opportunities they feel insecure and involve themselves in the process of making more vigilant to please the man. Moreover, Millet does not like Irie and she gets dis-hearted. She goes to the parlor to make her hair straight and she started to lose body weight. Doing all on the part of Irie gave nothing to her as Millet ignored her all the ways. Similarly, Maxine was also fed up with the Millet and boys who just used them for the sack of pleasure. This paved the way for the females to remain confined to their limit and avoid competing men. This gender gap put the very adverse impact on the life women of the black women and they had nothing to do with the life of their own.

Thirdly, the ignorance of the black females and other deprived females have made the United Kingdom’s society homosexual oriented. Most of the black and other deprived even white skin minority girls are involved in homosexuality. In this case, Neena’s sexy friend and sometimes called as the Neena’s girlfriend Maxen came and started boosting up Irie for her beautiful body and attractive curly hair and her unique body. Maxen gives confidence to the Irie that why she is looking for only Millet as he has snogged all his desired girls and even Maxeen has snogged with him many times. She further explains to the Irie that she needed to be re-educated to explore her real strength and she has better kissing with Maxeen and Neena than wasting time looking for men. Therefore, the unequal and uneven treatment of the women has made women rebellion of men and therefore this has become common in the whole United Kingdom.

Conclusively, multiculturalism, emigration of people and the migration of Asian and African people to the UK has made the country most diverse in its culture. This diversity had created several problems for the communities coming from the Asia and Africa. The people, however, came to the United Kingdom as a cheaper labor and they settled in the UK for their better opportunities. Similarly, the people left their countries and became British. This caused a great set back to the religious minorities and the black people who had remained the subject of discrimination. The life of Irie Jones is explored that she suffered due to her skin color and curly hair. She had a crush on Millet who ignored her and used to love withal other girls. She could not do anything except her changing hairstyle. She went to the parlor and lost her long curly hair. Although Irie Jones was beautiful and sexy she could not get her love. This made her dishearten and she was unable to do anything like the white women. Maxeen who was the friend of Neena boosted her and she asked her that she is unique and beautiful and she can impress her boy with her talent till lost resort. Moreover, the uneven power distribution is a natural phenomenon that Irie Jones faced, but there needs to be an effective strategy to explore the hidden qualities to avoid any discrimination.


Smith, Z. (1999). White Teeth. Hamish Hamilton. Retrieved may 18, 2018