Case Study BBC Asian Network

Question 1:

I. Define and distinguish between concepts of needs and wants?

Need is the basic necessity without which survival of any living being or business is not possible. However, wants are the desires that are desired by the human without which a survival is possible.

In this case study, BBC had started its reality show that attracted the people and the Bake-off show became one of the most viewed and liked reality show of BBC Asian Network (Ferguson, et al., 2013). This became the need for the entertainment of the people. This Bake off reality show had young female viewers and this had 6 million audiences on its weekly reality show of Bake-off. Moreover, when this program was presented on channel 4 due to the high offering of 500000 pounds to channel 4 to the producer then the BBC rating was replaced with the channel 4. The BBC could not retain its audience because it was unable to fulfill the wants of a reality show like Bake off to be presented to the youth audiences. Hence it lost the audiences.

II. What were the needs that BBC Asian Network was originally to set up to satisfy, and how might they differ from the needs of today’s largest markets.

Originally BBC explored to launch the reality show of Bakeoff. It was the need of Britain to prepare the homemade recipes as well. Because the financial crisis made it difficult for the people to be served with bakery products in the market due to higher prices. This means that BBC fulfilled the need of Cupcakes and other recipes that helped people of Britain to reduce their expenses (Rainey, 2013). However, after the financial crisis, the need for Bake off need is quite different than that of early years. Today, the reality shows of dating, I am a celebrity and big boss are most watched reality programs in the prevalent largest markets.


In order to fully understand your target markets, it is essential to first understand all aspects of their self-concept

Critically appraise this statement drawing upon your case study for examples

The Target audiences of the BBC Asian Network is the British Asians. The BBC Asian Network tries to please its audience with music, news and the current affair programs. Every business has its own target market, where it wants to provide goods and services to the target market. Therefore it is very important to fully understand the best target market to enhance the business through the best strategy. However, before finding and understanding the target market, it is necessary to first understand and evaluate the self-concept. For example, in this case, study, BBC, undoubtedly, developed its target market of young British Asian females mostly. This target market helped the BBC Asian Network grow its ranking significantly. Although it had 6 million a night viewership for its Bakeoff reality show, yet it could not develop its self-concept. For example, it failed to retain the Bake-off Show and Channel 4 acquired its right and rating of the channel 4 enhanced significantly. On the other hand, sometimes it is not necessary to first understand all the aspects of self-concept because the competitor’s flawed strategy can provide a chance to business and the business develops and maintains the target market. For example, The BBC Asian Network did not match the 500000 pounds deal with the producer of the Bake-off the reality show and the acquisition was acquired by the channel 4 that maintained the target market and understood all aspects of the self-concept. Therefore, it can be drawn that the understanding the target market is necessary but maintaining the target market as in this case study is very important to enhance the business.

Question 3

In their efforts to reposition the Asian Network, the BBC consulted with people they saw as opinion leaders and members of key reference groups.

Differentiate between Opinion leaders and key reference groups and critically reflect upon why the BBC choose this approach when gathering information to inform their project

Opinion leaders are the leaders who are experts in their respective subjects and fields. This means that the opinion leaders are the experts for any business entity or for other purposes. On the other hand, the reference group is the group a consumer identifies with and wants to join it. This is very important for the marketing of the business to hire the reference group so that the attachment of a certain reference person may enhance the business sales. In the contemporary times, business companies are involved in hiring and taking the services of the opinion leaders and the Reference group people for the betterment of the sales of their business and to retain the customers.

The BBC choose this approach of getting respond of the people about the project. This approached was necessary to be taken into account as the BBC lost its audiences die to Bake off program shift to channel 4. Because it was the channel 4 whose rating became at its historical peak in the British media and it was just because the channel 4 had opinion leaders as the judges of the program of reality show of Bake Off.For example, the judges for the program were opinion leaders of their respective fields. Paul Hollywood was the expert and remained the part of presentation team. Similarly, Mary Barry and Prue Leith are considered as the expert in their respective fields. These experts have published several books on the cooking and their significance is important in a sense that after this Bakeoff reality show success, their cookbooks sale increased double the times in the Britain. Moreover, according to this case study, Paul Hollywood became the ‘sex symbol’ for the youth because of his handsome appearance and natural sense of the authority (Cavendish & Skidelsky, 2013). This serves as the key reference group. Similarly, Berry was considered as the baking grandmother. This all made the program more successful due to opinion leaders and the key reference groups. The BBC was keen in exploring the success of reality show and it successfully explores the reason of the success of their project. Moreover, the other programs of the BBC such as I am a celebrity and others also became the decoration of the screen in the Britain and the BBC Asian Network achieved the successful mammoth audiences due to this approach of gathering information about opinion leaders and the key reference groups.


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