1.      Introduction:

In today’s challenging business paradigm organizational strategies need to be well integrated among the different departments. In pursuit of gaining and maintaining the competitive advantages, human resource managers are delegated with more challenging tasks and are required to formulate their HR strategies in accordance with the organizational goals which have enhanced their job from only hiring and firing to human resource development. In the competitive labor market where turnover rates are higher, to avoid surprise and drastic decision making, HR managers need to set their strategies ready to handle any situations. Bullman’s brewery, a prestigious brand from U.K, is doing a very notable job regarding managing human resources (Bell, 2003). The assignment is designed to probe into theoretical and practical aspects of managing human resources in collaboration with the current practices of this field and the regular impact of legislative structures on human resource management.

Background and Current Situation:

The main problem faced by the wine industry in the 21st century was overcapacity, which was caused by sluggish demand and declining production. During 2011, total beer production fell by 3.8%, and it is expected to decline by 4.6% this year. The forecast for 2014 shows that economic recovery is very modest, which will still cause the industry to generate a large amount of surplus production capacity. Most large breweries have responded to the decline in demand by closing small, high-cost production plants and warehouses (Chaston, 2011). As a result, the number of jobs in the industry fell by 5,000 annually. The competition in free trade has also increased significantly. In some cases, the profit rate has already dropped to the vanishing point. Despite the decline in consumption, the beer market share continues to increase.

2.2.Guest Model of HRM at Bullman’s brewery:

In order to ensure the successful pursuit of organizational goals, it’s an obligation to have a proactive human resource management structure. Introduced by David Guest, Guest’s model of HRM explains that the companies’ entire strategy shares a close integration with their human resource management policy and leaving personnel management behind, companies should now have compliance with committed HR philosophy (Cripe, 2007). Though Mr. Guest explained the model for organizations, it’s now being used in many other parts of the world.

Bullman’s brewery has adopted its HR policies to the emergence of newer needs and challenges.  Bullman’s brewery employees need to act in accordance with its brand image. To have its employees engaged more with the organization, Bullman’s brewery has adopted Guest’s model of HRM. The adopted model includes:

  • The regular motivation of the employees to ensure their commitment to the organizational goals
  • Direct connection in between the strategic unit of the organization with the HR department,
  • Considering the employees as assets of the organization and promote the ownership of their jobs so that they can improve their performance level and have their best to function,
  • While recruiting and training though personnel management can be used, a distinguished approach is adapted to connect high performance with the organizational goals, mission, and vision,
  • Ensuring emphasize on individual needs
  • Flexibility in the workplace

Due to its current connection with the organizational core strategic unit, the HR department is more functionally effective (Shapira, 2012). The employees are more connected with the organizational decision-making process and thus are being able to serve and satisfy the customers as per the Bullman’s brewery brand value. As they are provided with the ownership of their jobs, now they don’t always need rush to their supervisors for any small decision to make. It has ensured the efficiency of the service of Bullman’s brewery.

2.3.Storey’s Definition, IR practices, and Personnel management; the differences:

Human Resource ManagementIndustrial RelationshipPersonnel Management
Human Resource Management deals with the people from top to bottomIndustrial Relationship relates in between the managers and employeesPersonnel management deals with the managers only
Flexibility level is enhanced for the employeesEmployees can have a discussion with their managers and then take decisionsLevel of flexibility exists at the minimum level or either even doesn’t.
It concerns employees’ efficiency and development. HRM also introduces human resource development which entails the development of existing employees through investing in themIt concerns the development of the relationship between employees and the managersIt only concerns profit maximization and organizational goals
According to HRM employees are regarded as the assets of the organizationEmployees are valuable according to this concept and managers should maintain a profitable relationship with the employeesThis concept regards the employees as input used to produce an output only
The employee and manager relationship is seen as very rigid.The employee and manager relationship is flexible and designed to be beneficial to the organizationThis concept introduces a flexible relationship in between the employees and managers. To some extent the relationship is informal
Lesser opportunities are provided for the development of the employeesThe employees are provided with the development opportunities to ensure the benefits of the organizationManagers inspire the employees to develop themselves.

3.      The implication of line managers and employees in developing a strategic approach:

In an organization, line managers hold the responsibility of managing employees and hence share the closest connection with both the workforce and strategic decision makers. The idea of integrating HRM with the strategic department mostly evolves with them (Moran, 2005).

Bullman’s brewery has their line managers oversee the day-to-day performance of their employees. The job of the line managers includes the regular supervision of the efficiency of the workforce (Shapira, 2012). The line managers also need to observe their employees regarding any problem or challenges they might face in the work area. The line managers also report to the higher authority regarding any needs of the employees. But the relationship in between the line managers and the employees is remained flexible at Bullman’s brewery. Their job also includes promoting ownership of the job among the employees.

  • While recruiting the line managers, different technical skills are sought among them. Bullman’s brewery ensures the feasibility of their line managers.
  • In Bullman’s brewery, line managers are also responsible for the efficient division of the tasks among the workers. In order to have the employees vibrant and increase their knowledge and skill level, line managers use job rotation among the employees (Rialp, 2005).
  • Performance measurement and appraisal is another core job of the line managers at Bullman’s brewery. It is ensured that the line managers remain bias-free while evaluating the performance of their employees. Based on their performance employees are offered with rewards and benefits.
  • Quality management is another important job of the line managers at Bullman’s brewery. As a renowned brand Bullman’s brewery is always concerned about its quality related perception among the shoppers. Line managers also need to come up with the ways to improve the quality of services at Bullman’s brewery.
  • In Bullman’s brewery line managers are also concerned about the day-to-day operational costs.

To be fair to everyone and to produce effective ways we must have some scale on the basis of which every person who is working in the organization should be the rate. Through this way, we come to know the contribution of each individual to the company. According to that pay,the structure should be design.

For it, you must divide the jobs which the company is assigning into the categories (Rialp, 2005).. Then now makes the groups out of it the jobs positions which are very important to the company should be put into the high level accordingly manage the other jobs on the scale from increasing to the decreasing level. Let’s suppose you are with 100 departments so you can scale it from 1 to 100.

Jobs can be rate according to the responsibility assigned to the position. A more responsible person should be paid more as he is involving himself/herself more in the duty.

Jobs can be rate according to the education each individual have. This means PHD person will get more pay then master person, master person will get more pay than bachelor’s parson and a bachelor’s person will get more pay than a diploma person and so on (Rialp, 2005).. You can only give extra bonuses to the person who is doing overtime, conducting seminars or a person with much developing skills.

You can rate the jobs according to the people who are putting physical efforts and on the other side person putting thinking efforts (Meyer, 2008). In this case, people usually rate physical labor jobs with a lower number on scale and people with thinking ability on the top of scale.

Now you can scale all these categories accordingly. So, this way the criteria for the evaluation of job thus completes.

In skill development plan firstly, you must know the goals that you have to achieve, for them which professional skills you must know then rate accordingly (Meyer, 2008). The job for which you are applying must know the complete details of it. The goal could be different like to do the job or you want to build your own company.

Now you have to check how away you are from your goal, calculate the steps required for the goal to gain, how you can achieve it make a different strategy for it. The strategy which takes less time just takes that and move ahead.

You must know your strengths and weakness. When you are applying somewhere must know what their requirement is whether you are eligible or not (Rialp, 2005). Are your skills fulfilling the job criteria features? As if you don’t know the strengths firstly find out then. To do work it’s necessary you do it heartedly so that do not frustrate and give your time to the job assigned.

Same as you must know your weakness in order to improve. You can improve it by learning and once you learn it will no longer remain a weakness.

You must develop a plan to achieve a goal and it can happen that your weakness is somewhere a hurdle in achieving your goal so in that case, you need to work on own weakness too and not to giveup.

You must assign a timeline in order to develop each skill. Use a realistic approach use extensive study of each and everything, practice well in each portion and make them your strengths (Meyer, 2008). If you need any type of guidelines instructors and co-workers are there to guide you on each and every step wherever you stuck and don’t know what to do next (Cable, 2010).

Lastly, assess yourself on the basis of feedback people give you on the development skills you have improved so far. Try to remain focused on putting notes, calendars, and reminders. Put something on your desktop who you inspire of this way you will try to do things in a best of its ways. It could be imaged, may be the ideal life career (Meyer, 2008), or the prosperity symbols which will bring new and innovative skills out of you. It will help you to work in more extensive fields by making your weaknesses as your strengths in this way you will not more stuck to two to three fields but able to do work in different dimension.

All employers who are working in an organization are eligible to apply for union organization. The size of union organization is not fixed it could be varied according to the organization size as if it’s large it will be large in size as compared to a small organization.

Union organization is accepted by employees who are working in an organization (Cable, 2010). The reason why employees join union organization is to avoid how badly the managers of an organization deals with employees and they believe that union will take better decisions and make conditions in which every person will likely to work in.

  • The strategies which union counsel make are following:
  • Fair and just decisions and practices
  • Recognition and the trust of the employee
  • Door open for the management policies

In its union doesn’t threaten ever by going against the employees. They do not interrogate activities of employees and also the activities of the employees with their co-workers (Oxenbridge, 2002). They do not promise anything to the employees by reducing their pays or by giving benefits to them. Employees are allowed to meet union organization to discuss anything and also hear them too with any type of managerial interference.

The policies, culture and the practices set within the organization to follow should be followed by everyone so that a peaceful environment should be maintained in which everyone can work easily without disturbing anyone everything should be crystal clear (Oxenbridge, 2002). When an employeehas an issue and discusses it with union both sides of the story should be listening in order to make a wise decision.

Union plays an important role as they make laws, rules, and regulation to follow for the efficient and effective way of working. Union put their effort and set terms and conditions for the employer to work in an organization in best of its way.

Clearly define the vision on which the whole organization together to work on. The roadmay be provided to each of individual employee so that they know what to do when, where and how. They know the twist and the turn they have to take to drive a car.

Provide each and everything to the employees the resources they are required to use don’t just assume that each individual has each tool, training and the motivational support they need to do work (Kessler, 2011). Make check in all the things personally and find out what is missing and what should be provided. So, there should be no delay and everything should be done at its right time.

Training sessions should be held properly so that every person should able to learn and apply things on its own. Regular meetings should be called in order to know the performance of each individual and try to resolve the problems if anyone is facing any. Make sure properly answer the questions of each individual so that no more confusion remains and things understand well. Try to redesign the things so everyone can get it whatever his/her level may be. Create an environment in which everyone interacts to each other, try to learn new things, share confusions so that it could be resolved, and try to put in more and more efforts to achieve goal set.